The Spoon Me Creations Story


Spoon Me Creations are collages of upcycled & repurposed pieces that are brought together and artistically transformed into a 100% unique statement piece.

 Each brings a story and soul essence from its past.    People will be asking-

"where did you get that, its fabulous!"  

I am committed to a sustainable environment and upcycling is my contribution to moving from "toss away" to "reloved".   


Throughout my career I was a focused business geek, totally living in left brain analytical and data driven mode.  It all changed one late night in October of 2018, when the idea came to me to make jewelry from souvenir spoons.  Yes, random for sure! 

Started with souvenir spoon necklaces, then earrings, then kilt pins, then caricature pet paintings, then hand painted birdhouses, then jean jackets and the list goes on.  I am always creating and always adding new lines to the Spoon Me Creations Collections.  

Thank you for helping me do what I love to do!  I so enjoy meeting people at the "in person markets".  Please come out this year and say hello. 


My workshop is a beautiful armoire placed in front of a sunny bay window.  Who doesn't want to sit here for hours creating beautiful things.  Also notice the little black dog, his name is Mijo.  He is my  assistant and needs to be included at all stages of the design and creation, if only to get in the way asking for belly rubs.

Every Spoon Me Creation starts with a thrift store find of unloved pieces. When I discover one of these vases of unloved jewelry it is like winning the lottery.  The vase is filled with so many amazing finds that become pieces of a necklace, kilt pin brooch, jean jacket or memory box.  I also count on friends to donate their unloved jewelry for the Spoon Me Creations cause.  I use brand new earring bails for  hygiene reasons.


This is my trusty mannequin (who is yet to be named).  She models most of the jewelry, certainly the jean jackets and is the staging princess for artsy photos.  She is so patient and is a doll to work with.